Victims and Survivors

iCAN provides victims/survivors emotional support, information, resources and referrals.  We are here to listen, to support and assist.  Our services are free of charge.  Through our ability to network with other service providers, we aim to provide the most comprehensive services to victims/survivors possible.

Along with basic information, the iCAN foundation is able to help a victim/survivor navigate through the criminal justice system.  Our vast experience working with the criminal justice system, as well as victim compensation programs provide us the ability to act as a catalyst for victims/survivors, oftentimes creating or repairing lines of communication that were either nonexistent or damaged.

The iCAN Foundation also provides accompaniment to victims/survivors to court or to parole hearings (in the case of life sentenced inmates).  This service is limited to California and is on an availability basis.

iCAN will help victim/survivors prepare their impact statement for court or for parole hearings.

We are here to help.  Please call us at 916-273-3603 or 888-235-7067 for assistance.  You may also email us at

If we cannot help you – will try to find an agency or organization that can.