Service Providers

Technical Assistance

The iCAN Foundation provides technical assistance to service providers – especially grass roots organizations.  Our technical support includes education and training on various topics to expand or improve services to victims of violent crime. The iCAN Foundation is host to a provider network, primarily comprised of community based victim service organizations.  The participants in our network are mostly based in California, but we have a few in various states across the country and will continue to expand this program.



Our trainings are specialized to fit the audience and cover a variety of issues surrounding victims of violent crime. We have provided these trainings across the country as well as internationally. A sample of the agencies that we have recently presented to include; Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Oklahoma Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the National Organization for Victims Assistance National Conference.

For more information or to schedule a training, please call us at 916-273-3603 or 888-235-7067.

For Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice


We provide educational presentations to law enforcement agencies, including corrections and probation and parole, on victim sensitivity and how to better assist victims of crime.  Presentations are tailored specifically to the individual agency and the context in which the agency will have interaction with the victim.



The iCAN Foundation has developed programs geared towards prevention as well as intervention. Our programs are listed below:

Watch Your Drink-Watch Your Friends

This program provides information about the drugs that are used in the course of rape, commonly referred to as “date rape drugs”, more appropriately referred to as predatory drugs.  Although alcohol is still the most common substance used by young people, drugs such as GHB, Rohypnol, Ketamine and MDMA (Ecstasy) are gaining popularity – especially in the club scene.  These drugs are not only ingested voluntarily, but also surreptitiously slipped into drinks to perpetrate sexual assault.  Each year hundreds of young people fall victim to assaults initiated through either voluntary or involuntary drug ingestion.  This program provides essential information about predatory drugs, as well as information addressing what to do if someone has been assaulted.  Program materials for this project include bathroom stickers, drink coasters, brochures about predatory drugs and sexual assault, and posters warning students of the effects and dangers of these drugs.

To view campaign material click here

The iCAN Foundation travels around the country presenting this program.

The Impact of Crime (on victims/community/self)


The Impact of Crime Program not only addresses the aftereffects of crime on the victim, their family, and the community but also the impact that crime has on the assailant and their family.  This program is appropriate for all school age youth, including those who are currently incarcerated.

For more information on these programs or to schedule a presentation, please call 916-273-3603 or 888-235-7067.